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Printed Circuit Board Simulation

At Techxron, we value your time. We guarantee that your high-speed digital PCB design shall be completed correctly to meet or surpass your expectations, the very first time. Our innovative design process reduces PCB design board iterations that can negatively impact customers’ "time-to-market" strategies. Techxron’s extensive PCB simulation capabilities involve:

1. Determining the maximum size of vias, traces and clearances from the minimum pitch of the BGAs.
2. Calculating the characteristic impedance (Zo), differential impedance ( Zdiff) and planning the "stack-up" of the PCB. These calculations give Techxron the technology parameters required for the design. Zo should be between 50 - 70 ohm and Zdiff roughly twice Zo. A field solver is used to accurately calculate the Stack-up.
3. Downloading available IBIS models for all active devices where possible.
4. Performing a pre-layout simulation to predict and eliminate signal integrity issues early, proactively constraining routing and optimizing clock, critical signal topologies and terminations prior to board layout.
5. Placing components according to simulation constraints.
6. Routing traces according to simulation constraints taking particular care of critical signals, differential pairs and flight times.
7. Running simulation of the entire board identifying signal integrity, crosstalk and other signal and/or power distortions.
8. Checking termination values against transmission line effects.
9. Running an interactive simulation of the critical nets to investigate signal integrity, crosstalk and (spell this one out first) EMC in greater detail.

Our simulation software interfaces with Altium Designer, Protel and P-CAD; Mentor Graphics PADS Layout, Expedition and Board Station; Cadence Allegro, SPECCTRA and OrCAD Layout; Intercept Pantheon; Zuken CADStar, Visula and CR3000/5000 PWS or Board Designer. Regardless of project scope or complexity, the Techxron team can simulate a high quality design to meet your project design goals and needs. Our high-complexity PCB design portfolio includes:

  • Micro BGA Printed Circuit Board Designs
  • High Technology Burn-In Board Designsr
  • High Technology Load board and EVM Designs
  • High Speed Digital Printed Circuit Board Designs
  • High Power and Super High Power Printed Circuit Board Designs
  • High Pin Count Printed Circuit Board Designs
  • High Layer Count Printed Circuit Board Designs
  • Fine pitch Printed Circuit Board Designs
We use the following platforms for our simulation:
  • Signal Integrity – Hyperlynx* SI
  • Power Integrity – Hyperlynx* SI
  • Analog/Digital simulation – Pspice*
  • PCB Thermal Analysis – Hyperlynx* thermal
  • EMI/EMC design analysis – Hyperlynx* Quiet Expert

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