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Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

At Techxron, we are committed to providing our customers superior, high quality PCB products, services and responsiveness. A high level of satisfaction and expert service is the Techxron commitment. From birth to delivery of your PCB, we shall routinely exceed your expectations.

Our ability to provide price competitive PCB’s, without ever compromising quality and cycle time, gives us an edge in today’s market place. Much of our business is from return customers who have worked with us since our inception in 2003. These customers have come to trust Techxron as a consistent provider of high quality PCB with short lead times from FAB to market.

Our fabrication facilities include and are not limited to the following:

  • Complete DFM and DRC
  • High Layer Count (Multi-layer)
  • Quick-turn Prototypes
  • High Frequency Materials
  • 0.4mm – 0.5mm Pitch
  • Via-Fill, “Via-in-Pad” (conductive), “Via-Plug” (epoxy)
  • High Volume Production
  • 100% Netlist Testing
  • TDR Testing
  • Impedance Control +/-5%
  • Rogers RO4350, RO4403
  • PC Standards
  • Laser Drilling with no leaks
  • 3 mil lines / 3mil traces (5/5 is standard)
  • 8 mil Smallest Mechanical Drill Size
  • Up to 4oz copper external layers
  • Hard Au plating
  • ENIG
PCB Fabrication Spec Sheet

Copper Line Width 2 mils copper weight ½ oz 2 mils
Tolerance (+)/(-) 0.5mils  
2 Airgap    
Finished (PTH) hole size   5 mils
Tolerance (+)/(-) 0.001” Adv. 0.002” Std  
Finished (NPTH) hole size   256 mils
Tolerance (+)/(-) 0.002”  
5 NC Drill X,Y Tolerance (+)/(-) 0.002”  
6 Copper Land   2 mils
7 Clearance Pad (Inner Plane)   5 mils
8 Thermal Barrier (Inner Plane)   2 mils
9 Soldermask Clearance Pad Conventional Mask
Photo Imagable Mask
4 mils
2 mils
10 Soldermask Clearance Pad to
Trace Edge
Conventional Mask
Photo Imagable Mask
3 mils
2 mils
Visible Legend Line Width   5 mils
Visible Legend Height   2 mils
Visible Legend Gap   5 mils
12 Number of Layers (max) 32
Board Dimension 28” X 32” (max) Inch
Routing Tolerance (+)/(-) 4 mils Mils
Totla Board Thickness 250 mils (max)  
Thickness Tolerance   8%
Between Layers Tolerance (+/-) 1 mil to (+/-) 3 mils Mils
Copper Plating Thickness 0.5 mils (min) 4 oz (max) Oz
Nickel Plating Thickness (min)(max) Any
Gold Plat’n Thick (Selective) (min)(max) Any
Gold Plat’n Thick (Full board) (min)(max) Any
16 Impedance Tolerance (+/-) 5% Advanced Yes
17 Current Leakage Measurement Yes/No Yes

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